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The CORAL Earrings
The CORAL Earrings
The CORAL Earrings
The CORAL Earrings

The CORAL Earrings

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“Coral reefs are among this planets richest, most complex and most beautiful eco-systems. The increases in ocean temperature threaten their very existence. If they continue to rise at the present rate, the reefs will be gone within decades, and that would be a global catastrophe.”
- Sir David Attenborough, 2016

The centrepiece of our Collection. 
Handcrafted, these earrings form an elegant combination of natural and precious materials in keeping with aquatic, beachcombers-finds theme, but most importantly, raising awareness of an environmental crisis very close to our hearts.

The coral reefs are dying all over our planet. They provide a habitat for millions of species, a foundation for our oceans eco-systems, hundreds of millions of people rely on them for their livelihoods. And they are dying.

Global warming, climate change, plastic pollution, chemicals found in sun creams and other human impact factors are their biggest threat.

50% of profits made from these earrings will be donated to WWF to support their work on protecting areas rich in coral reefs and where coastal communities depend on reefs for their wellbeing.

Find out more, and what steps both little and large, you can take to help our oceans here.

925 Sterling Silver Bars, Gold Plated, Sustainably Sourced Coral Fragments.
Maximum length is 5.2 cm, maximum width 2 cm
Pierced ears only. Post and butterfly pushed back fastening.
Comes in our sustainable, logo stamped & hand made, 100% cotton jewellery pouch.
These earrings are a very limited quantity and will not be remade or restocked. 
Sustainably sourced - naturally washed up on shore and hand collected on beach. No live coral was used, removed, harmed, mined, touched or disturbed in any way.