About us.

Our little Arctic Fox is an incredible adaptive animal that survives in the coldest of climates to temperatures as low as -58F in the winter.
She has a beautiful white coat that blends into snow and ice, but in the summer changes to a warm brown fur that blends into her surroundings. She is history’s toughest natural survivor, but her natural terrain is being destroyed and disrupted.

We were born out of a desire to follow in her footsteps to provide luxury, quality accessories that never fail to keep you warm and cosy in the elements.
In the changing of the seasons, like our Arctic Fox, our colours shift and we provide minimalistic, beautiful accessories with a story.
Everything we do we do conscious of our environment. Through our collections we work to be truly sustainable from start to finish, from product to packaging, telling stories and supporting charities we believe in.

Always inspired by Icelandic and Scandinavian design, always simplistic & sustainable. Providing beautiful things for everyday, and in the colder months we are here to keep you warm.

Buy less, choose well & make it last.