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Jewellery Care

Jewellery Care & Our Materials

All our jewellery is made from sterling silver, copper or brass, plated with 18ct gold. Just like you, they require care for you to enjoy their beauty and brilliance for a longer period of time.
Here are some instructions on how to care for your precious metals, gemstones and natural treasures below:

Caring for your Jewellery

  • Avoid water, remove your jewellery when you shower, bathe or exercise. Especially when swimming in the sea or a chlorinated swimming pool.
  • Avoid spraying perfume, applying creams or any other liquids directly on to jewellery as these contain chemicals that can react with your jewellery and cause tarnishing.
  • Keep your jewellery away from extreme temperatures, humidity and direct sunlight.
  • Do not wear your jewellery when using cleaning products such as bleach and other chemicals

How to Store Your Jewellery

  • Always store your jewellery pieces individually, we highly recommend you keep them in the zip lock bag, Arctic Fox pouch and box provided with your pieces. Alternatively, you can use a suitably lined box, acid free tissue paper, and place a small packet of desiccant crystals in the packaging if you live in a humid climate. 
  • It is best to store your pieces separately, so they do not scratch each other or become tangled.

General Care

  • Gently rub gold and silver jewellery with a soft, clean cloth to maximise the shine
  • Wipe pearls with a soft damp cloth after wearing to remove perfume, hairspray and anything else likely to damage them. Don't use abrasive cleaners on jewellery. 
  • Do not use paper towels or tissue paper as they are rough and can scratch your pieces.
  • Use silver 'dip' cleaner only on our 100% sterling silver jewellery, rinse and dry them thoroughly. Do not use this cleaning solution on gold jewellery.

Our Materials

Sterling Silver
Our pieces marked with 925 sterling silver, is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of copper.
Silver will naturally tarnish over time, this can be removed with a special cloth soaked with a special silver cleaning solution. However, do not use this solution on any other metal such as our gold-plated jewellery as this can damage the coating.
To prevent tarnishing, we recommend that you keep your pieces away from water, sweat and cosmetics. Keep them in a tightly sealed pouch and instructed above.

Copper is a highly malleable and eye-catching metal with its unique red-orange hue. It is a very popular jewellery metal and has been used for millennia. We plate our pieces in 14k yellow gold or 18ct gold. Plated copper jewellery will unfortunately, tarnish over time. However, if you keep the pieces away from water, sweat and cosmetics and keep them in the tightly sealed plastic pouch, and follow the care advise above, their beauty will last much longer.

Another reason copper is popularly used in jewellery is because of its symbolism and healing properties. Copper is an essential mineral in our bodies, now also added as a peptide into expensive skin care products. It is believed that wearing copper jewellery can fight copper deficiency as it can allow small amounts of copper into the body.

Some also believe there are holistic and spiritual benefits to wearing copper. Copper symbolises love and balance and was used to heal and protect during ancient times. Many claim that wearing copper balances both the spirit and the body.

Our beautiful unique baroque pearl pieces are sourced ethically and sustainably from cultured or farmed pearls.

Cubic Zirconia

Cubic Zirconia is one of the highest quality replica of natural diamonds.


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