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When your jewellery is at it's best, so are you. For happy shining jewellery - follow these guidelines:

How to love my 18ct gold plated pieces
  • Avoid harsh chemicals

Jewellery should be the last thing you put on before going out and the first thing to come off when coming home - this way you'll avoid getting getting perfume and cosmetics on your pieces.

  • Remove before activities

Sweat can tarnish your precious pieces, so remember to take caution and remove before doing any exercise and getting in the shower.

  • Keep in original box

Storage of these items are really important, make sure to keep them away from other metals when they are not in action.

  • Clean gently

Use a lint-free, soft fabric to clean. Avoid using harsh fabrics that could cause the surface to be scratched.

Care for 925 sterling silver products
  • Wearing regularly

The oils in your skin can naturally help protect the metal, wearing your sterling silver often can help prevent tarnishing.

  • Avoid exposure to chemicals and rubber

Remove your jewellery before swimming and using hot tubs as chlorine and rubber can react with silver and cause them to tarnish, avoid keeping them with rubber hair bands.

  • Polish your jewellery

925 sterling silver naturally tarnishes over time due to exposure to air and moisture, to restore the beauty and shine use a silver polishing cloth to gently buff the surface.

  • Keep in original box

Store your jewellery in a zip lock bag if you haven't got the original packaging and away from other metals.

Caring for my pearls

Caring for pearls in jewellery can require special attention due to their delicate nature and unique properties. To maintain their luster and and beauty, here are some tips:

  • Put them on last and take them off first

Make pearls your final touch, this will reduce the exposure to chemicals, lotions and cosmetics. Always apply perfumes, hairspray etc. before, and make sure to let them dry completely before wearing pearls. Take care when undressing, ideally take the pearls off first, do so gently to avoid stressing the strand.

  • Wear them all the time

The natural oils from your skin help keeps them lustrous.

  • Avoid being in water too long

Although the pearls have been naturally formed in water, the silk thread that holds the pearls together can weaken in water. It's best to remove pearl jewellery before swimming and being in the bath.

  • Keep in original box

Keep pearls away from other jewellery when not in action to avoid scratching and in it's own pouch to retain its natural moisture. Keep in a cool dry place with no sudden temperature changes.


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